<p>you think you are the best hacker in munich? prove it! compete at the burda bootcamp against 20 other hand-selected hackers in a 4 hour challenge and win an awesome prize! Save the date: 22/11/2016, 18:00 - 24:00</p>

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code slam is a secret coding event for a limited number of hackers. you need to apply in order to take part. we will choose you based on your skillset and motivation. those chosen to participate can nominate another hacker and we will consider his or her application too.


the topic will be a surprise and announced on the evening of the event. nobody will be able to prepare in advance. this is going to be a real-life task. we will however choose participants based on their skills so that you will be able to solve the challenge.


you can apply until november 15th. we will let you know shortlly after this date, if you have been selected as a participant. you can only apply as individual and not as a team.


it is about what you managed to develop and how you did it: how you thought in order to solve the challenge and how far you went, how creative you were and how clean the code is.


we don't have any limitations about the technology. use your favourite languages and frameworks. it’s about creating a solution in extremely short time, so use whatever you can.


the event will be at the burda bootcamp, arabella straße 23, 81925 munich. you will find the bootcamp at the 2nd floor.




We all know that a prize is nothing compared to fame and experience :) but we still want to say thank you for your hard work.

<p>the winner gets Apple Watch 2 and there's gonna be a surprise prize too!</p>


apply now for the code slam. the deadline for application is november 15th!